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Across campus
Acting Studio
East Campus
    Administrative & Research Center (ARC)
    Caruthers Biotechnology Building
        Butcher Auditorium
    CASA (Center for Astrophysics & Space Astronomy)
    Computing Center
    East campus warehouses
    Housing System Maintenance Center
    Housing Systems Service Center
    Institute for Behavioral Genetics
    LASP Space Technology Research Center
    Life Sciences Research Lab (RL-4)
    Litman Research Lab (RL-1)
    Marine Street Science Center (RL-6)
    Prentup Field
    Research Lab 2 (RL-2)
    Research Park Greenhouse
    Science Learning Laboratory
    Ski Center/Athletic Fieldhouse
    Smiley Court A1
    Smiley Court A2
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    Smiley Court B1
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    Smiley Court B4
    Smiley Court Childrens Center
    Smiley Court D1
    Smiley Court D10
    Smiley Court D2
    Smiley Court D3
    Smiley Court D4
    Smiley Court D5
    Smiley Court D6
    Smiley Court D7
    Smiley Court D8
    Smiley Court D9
    Smiley Court E1
    Smiley Court E2
    Smiley Court E3
    Smiley Court E4
    Smiley Court L1
    Smiley Court L2
    Smiley Court L3
    Sybase Building
    Transportation Center and Annex
    US West Advanced Technologies
Fiske Planetarium
    Armory Trailer
    Center for Asian Studies
    Continuing Education Center
    Institute of Behavioral Science
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 1
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 2
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 3
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 4
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 5
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 6
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 7
    Institute of Behavioral Science No. 8
    Page Foundation Center
    Temporary Building 65
    Temporary Building 66
    Temporary Building 70
    Temporary Building 78
    Temporary Building 82 (Formerly IEC)
    Temporary Building 88
    Temporary Building 90
    Temporary Building 93
    Temporary Building 95
    Temporary Building 97
    Temporary Building 98
    Temporary Building 99
Main Campus
    Aden Hall
    Aerospace & Energy Systems
    Andrews Hall
    Arnett Hall
    ATLAS Center
        Black Box Theatre
    Baker Hall
    Baker Hall Ancillary Building
    Balch Fieldhouse
    Benson Earth Sciences
        Benson Field
        Jerry Crail Johnson Earth Sciences & Map Library
    Bicycle Registration
    Brackett Hall
    Bruce Curtis Building
    Buckingham Hall
    Business Field
    Carlson Gymnasium
    Center for Community
        Abrams Cultural Center
        Dining Hall
        Flatirons Room
    Cheyenne Arapaho Hall
    CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences)
    Clare Small Arts & Sciences
    Cockerell Hall
    Coors Events/Conference Center
    Cristol Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Crosman Hall
    CU Museum (Henderson Building)
        2nd Floor Gallery
        Anthropology Hall
        Changing Gallery
        McKenna Gallery
        Paleontology Hall
    Dal Ward Athletic Center
    Denison Arts & Sciences
    Discovery Learning Center
        Bechtel Collaboratory
        Clark Conference Room
    Duane Physics
        at Colorado Avenue
    Eaton Humanities
    Ekeley Sciences
        Ekeley Kiosk
    Engineering Administration Wing
        Clark Conference Room (ECAD 150)
    Engineering Aerospace Wing
    Engineering Center
    Engineering Chemical Wing
    Engineering Civil & Environmental Wing
    Engineering Classroom Wing
    Engineering Computer Science Wing
        1B12 (CAETE)
    Engineering Electrical Wing
    Engineering Mechanical Wing
    Engineering North Tower
    Engineering Office Tower
    Engineering South Tower
    Engineering Stores & Labs
    Environmental Design
    Environmental Health & Safety Center
    Euclid Avenue Autopark
    Farrand Field
    Farrand Hall
        Farrand Field
    Fiske Planetarium & Science Center
    Fleming Building
    Folsom Stadium
        Athletic Ticket Office, Between Gates 4 & 5
        South Club Level
        Stadium Club North
        Stadium Plaza
    Folsom Stadium - East Stadium Club
    Folsom Stadium - Flatirons Club
    Franklin Field
    Gatehouse/Information Booth
    Gates Woodruff Women's Studies Cottage
    Greenhouse No. 1 at Macky
    Grounds and Service Center
    Guggenheim Geography
    Hale Science
    Hallett Hall
    Health Physics Lab
    Heating and Cooling Plant
    Hellems Arts & Sciences
    IBS Problem Behavior
    Imig Music
        Chamber Hall (C199)
        Conference Room (C113)
        Grusin Music Hall (C112)
        Music Theatre (N1B95)
        Rehearsal Facility (E160)
    Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory
    Ketchum Arts & Sciences
        Hawthorne Court (West of Ketchum)
    Kittredge Commons
        Flatirons Room
    Kittredge Field
    Kittredge West Hall
    Koelbel Building
        4th floor balcony
        Barbeque area
        Engebretson Quad
        Faculty lounge
        Leeds parking lot
        Trep Café
    Koenig Alumni Center
    LASP (Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics)
    Lesser House
    Libby Hall
        Dining Hall
    Macky Auditorium
        Macky Gallery
    Mary Rippon Theater
        Gemmill Engineering, Math & Physics Library
        Gemmill Library classroom, Math 150
    MCD Biology
    McKenna Languages
    Muenzinger Psychology & Biopsychology
    Museum Collections
    Norlin Library
        2nd Floor landing, E Side
        3rd Floor NW Triptych Gallery
        5th Floor
        5th floor, Center for British and Irish Studies
        East lobby
        NW Special Collections, 3rd Floor
        Stoa Gallery
    Norlin Quadrangle
    Off Campus
    Old Main
        Heritage Center, 3rd Floor
    Police & Parking Services Center
        Basement Conference Room
    Porter Biosciences
    Power House
    Ramaley Biology
    Reed Hall
    Regent Administrative Center
        3rd Floor Hallway
        Regent Lawn
    Regent Drive Autopark
    Sewall Hall
        Dining Hall
    Smith Hall
    Sommers-Bausch Observatory
    Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
    Stadium Ticket Center
    Student Recreation Center
        Conference Room 4
        General Gym
        Ice Arena
        Outdoor Programs Office
    Telecommunications Center
    Temporary Building 01 at Clare Small
    Temporary Building 09
    Temporary Building 40
    Temporary Building 40B
    University Administrative Center
        Office of the Chancellor
    University Administrative Center Annex
    University Club
    University Memorial Center (UMC)
        5th Floor Lounge
        Art Gallery
        Aspen Rooms
        Club 156
        CU Book Store
        Dennis Small Cultural Center - 455
        Glenn Miller Ballroom
        Glenn Miller Ballroom - Center
        Glenn Miller Ballroom - East
        Glenn Miller Ballroom - West
        SORCE Lounge
        UMC 457
        UMC Atrium
        UMC Dining Room
        UMC East Dining Room
        West Dining Room
    University Theatre
        Acting Studio
        Irey Theatre
        Loft Theatre
        Main Stage
    Visual Arts Complex
        CU Art Museum
        VAC Plaza
    Wardenburg Student Health Center
        321 - West Solarium
    Willard Administrative Center
    Willard Hall
        227 - GLBT Resource Center
    Wolf Law
        Fleming Courtroom
        Wittemyer Courtroom
    Woodbury Arts & Sciences
North Boulder Creek
    Athens Court A1
    Athens Court A2
    Athens Court A3
    Athens Court A4
    Athens Court B1
    Athens Court B2
    Athens Court B3
    Athens Court C1
    Athens Court C2
    Athens North Court
    Childrens Center (DACR)
    College Inn Conference Center
    Faculty-Staff Court A
    Faculty-Staff Court B
    Faculty-Staff Court C
    Faculty-Staff Court D
    Faculty-Staff Court E
    Faculty-Staff Court F
    Faculty-Staff Court G
    Faculty-Staff Court H
    Faculty-Staff Court J
    Family Housing Community Center
    Kruse-Boedecker Indoor Practice Facility
    Marine Court A
    Marine Court B
    Marine Court C
    Marine Court D
    Marine Court E
    Marine Court F
    Marine Court G
    Marine Court H
    Marine Court J
    Marine Court K
    Newton Court 1A
    Newton Court 1B
    Newton Court 2A
    Newton Court 2B
    Newton Court 2C
    Newton Court 2D
    Newton Court 2E
    Newton Court 2F
    Newton Court 2G
    Newton Court 2H
    Newton Court 2J
    Newton Court 2K
    Newton Court 2L
    Newton Court 2M
    Newton Court 2N
    Newton Court 2P
    Newton Court 2R
    Newton Court 2S
    Newton Court 2T
    Newton Court 2U
    Newton Court 2V
    Newton Court 2W
    Newton Court 2X
    Newton Court 2Y
    Newton Court L2
    Newton Court L3
    Newton Court Lawn
Off Campus
    29th Street Mall
        Community Room (2nd level above Border's)
    Arrabelle at Vail Square
    Atonement Lutheran Church
    Auraria Campus
        Emmanuel Gallery
    Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center
    Boettcher Concert Hall
    Boulder Bookstore
    Boulder Digital Works
    Boulder Draft House
    Boulder High School
    Boulder Jewish Community Center
    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
    Boulder Outlook Hotel
    Boulder Pine Street Church
    Boulder Public Library
        Canyon Theater
    Boulder Seventh Day Adventist
    Boulder Theater
    Boulder's Dinner Theatre
    Broomfield Auditorium
    Center for Innovation & Creativity (CINC)
    Chautauqua Community House
    Church of the Eternal Hills
    Coleman Institute
    Colorado Christian University
    Colorado Convention Center
    Cornerstone Church
    Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge
    Distribution Center
    EC JCEM Lab
    eTown Hall
    First Congregational Church
    First Presbyterian Church
    First United Methodist Church
    Grace Lutheran Church
    Grand Hyatt Denver
    Hotel Boulderado‎
    Hotel Teatro
    Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe
    Longmont Public Library
    Louisville Public Library
    Millennium Harvest House
    Mountain Research Station
        Dining Hall
        Kiowa Lab
        Marr Alpine Lab
        Megaron Classroom
        Moores Collins Family Lodge
        Tundra Lab
    Naropa University Performing Arts Center
    Omni Interlocken Resort
    One Pearl Plaza
    Pearl Street Mall
    Prentup Field
    Rex's American Grill
    Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts
    Scott Carpenter Park
    Secular Hub
    Space 3
    Sports Authority Field at Mile High
    St. Aiden's Episcopal Church
    St. John's Cathedral
    St. John's Episcopal Church
    St. Julien Hotel
    St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center
    St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
    Temple Emanuel
    Temporary Building 3 (IEC)
    The Academy
    The Dairy Center for the Arts
    The Westin Westminster
    Thirsty Bear Brewing Company
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder
    University Hill
    University Lutheran Chapel
    University of Colorado Foundation
    Wesley Chapel
    Westin Hotel
    Westin San Francisco Market Street
    Westminster United Methodist Church
South Campus
    Temporary Building 72
    Tennis Complex
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    University Center (UCCS)
        302 (Theatre)
        3rd Floor Lounge
University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz Medical Campus
    Education II, North
        P28-2001, Community Bridge
University of Colorado Denver-Downtown Campus
    Lawrence Street Center
        Terrace Conference Room
University of Colorado System
    1800 Grant Street
        Conference Room, 1st Floor
        CS Conference Room, 6th Floor
Williams Village
    Bear Creek Apartments A
    Bear Creek Apartments B
    Bear Creek Commons
    Darley Commons
        Dining Hall
    Darley Towers
    Stearns Towers
    University Residence
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